Our Work Arear

As a business, our products and services are applicable to a cross-section of markets. We cover both the private and public sector ensuring that we deliver world-class services that are geared at adding value and enabling the type of positive change required to move African organizations unto the same pedestals as their world-class counterparts. Feel free to "Talk To Us" as we will be happy to work with you in achieving your organizational objectives.

KPS, Higher Education & Training Companies

We solutions are well suited for the whole educational value chain. Our learning systems are perfect for Kindergaten, Primary and Secondary Schools. We also have solutions for Training Companies that will allow them widen their reach and also foster collaboration amongst their alumni and facilitators.

Oil n Gas & Manufacturing

The Upstream and Downstream segments of the Oil&Gas industry and the Manufacturing sector have unique challenges when it comes to managing and retaining knowledge. The amount of proprietry and specialized information in this segment is huge thus the reason for a solution that will empower industry stakeholders to simplify the learning process and also create knowledge banks that will allow them track and manage the data produced internally. Our solutions also significantly help reduce complexity of business processes.

BFSI & Telecommunication

The Banking and Financial Services, and Telecommunications industries are amongst the largest employers of skilled labor and we have solutions to help them with human capital development and the creation of knowledge-based organizations that are able to retain their internally generated knowledge.


Two key areas within government that require attention are human capital development and re-engineering of current government processes especially where touch points exist with stakeholders like citizens and external parties. Our solutions are specifically geared to solving these challenges.