Our services concentrate on three major areas for technological advancement:


Our business outsourcing increases your bottom line by:

  • Allowing your company to focus on core processes
  • Offering value-added services to customers
  • Transitioning from fixed to variable costs to reduce expenses
  • Consulting

    We call upon a vast knowledge of business industries such as government, aviation, FMCG, manufacturing, finance and education to analyze and implement process improvements across the entire management system. Our "pro" team offers world-class expertise in the project management, business analysis and business process management sectors.


    Ongoing economic and technological advancements compel businesses to adapt quickly to remain competitive. We aim to equip clients with the technological literacy to propel their businesses forward and set themselves apart from the competition.

  • BPM
  • Consulting
  • E-learning
  • Our business process outsourcing (BPO) services incorporate more flexibility into your business, channeling work to professional sectors where it can be executed with specialized precision and efficiency. Focus on your core processes and offer value-added services to customers. We nurture relationships with a growing network of outsourcing specialists to match your business with the most qualified professionals.

    Our #1 objective is to help you view your business with a fresh perspective.

    Our tested methodologies show companies how to evaluate and reconfigure business performance on both a comprehensive and individual level. Working with Procentric IQ, businesses gain the confidence to increase their service value; manage relationships between staff, customers, partners and suppliers; incorporate technology and targeted outsourcing to simplify business processes; and ultimately, engineer their own success.