Digitizing paper documents to flatten the COVID-19 curve

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The Client

Our clients, one of the apex monetary authorities in Africa, sought our expertise during the COVID-19 Pandemic to do two things;

First; owing to the behaviour shift brought on by the pandemic, which caused people to avoid surface contact, the organization wanted a way to cut down on the manual handling of paper documents to flatten the curve and still get work done.

Second; they needed a way to approve workflows faster and more effectively, so that work was not halted for any reason.

Our Solution

We came to the rescue to solve the two problems using intelligent automation.

First, we created an online platform to digitize all paper forms and allow for secure upload and collation of documents. Then we built a software robot to automate the process of data handling. The robot performed amazing tasks including minute by minute checks using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to scan texts on the document and figure out the intended receiver which allowed it send each document in quick succession without recording any errors.

For the second task, we built a system that collected requests for approval. Using machine learning, we trained that system on the approval chains for each department so that the system was able to send requests uploaded by any member of the organization’s workforce to the right individual for approval. Staff members can easily request for approval by signing in to the system, which in turn populates the fields with their rightful credentials.

Journey Map

Ongoing implementation of the online digitisation platform

The Impact

  • Ensured work continuity and productivity even during the pandemic.

  • Saved the organization cost of paper.

  • Sustained employee satisfaction, when approvals were disbursed in time.

  • Inadvertently aided the organization to save lives by eliminating physical contact and flatten the Coronavirus curve. Promoted all-round transparency in everyday business dealings. Improved workforce performance without the stress of cumbersome manual processes.



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