Human Capital Development

Build your workforce and equip them with skills to build your business.

Let us empower your most prized assets —your workforce — with new competencies, skills, and attitude; prepping them to be engines of growth for your business.

- Training and development

We’ll work on and with your team, to develop training models to enhance their knowledge, skills, performance, work efficiency, competencies, and all-round self fulfilment.

We will help you;

  • Build up a smarter, more efficient team.

  • Improve workforce agility and tenacity.

  • Create tailored knowledge development materials.

  • Develop necessary soft skills to prep your workforce for the changing market.

  • Equip your workforce with technical know-how to operate in a digital environment.

  • Future-proof your workforce.

  • Motivate your employees to learn and develop new skills.

- Workforce management technology

We will connect your business with the perfect technology to develop the capacity of your workforce, promote learning culture, optimize performance, propel productivity and deployment of innovative ideas.

We will help you;

  • Promote collaboration among your workforce.

  • Forecast labour requirements.

  • Build an efficient workforce through technology.

  • Automate the tasks of your HR department.

  • Better manage your workforce schedules, training, etc.

- Outsourcing and managed services

We will take over the task of connecting you with the right people and specialists to do the best job. We will manage the affairs of our inhouse and outsourced specialists from start to finish so that you can take a breather and focus on your core objectives.

We will help you;

  • Match your unique business needs with qualified professionals.

  • Reduce operational cost.

  • Increase value-added services to your customers.

  • Connect your business with a retinue of IT professionals.

  • Promote excellence in technology services.

  • Create a superior end-user experience

  • Oversee on-site and off-site workforce operations.

- Procentric Academy

With our years of garnered expertise in diverse fields and leveraging our team’s collective decades of experiences, it will be a joy to pass down our wealth of knowledge to your willing workforce, preparing them to apply that knowledge for the betterment of your business.

We are passionate about people development and are overjoyed by the charge to deliver value and provide business-tailored development offerings.

Our curriculum is well-furnished and cuts across diverse industry-tailored knowledge and know-hows, including but not limited to ;

  • Information technology

  • Data protection

  • Cybersecurity

  • Fintech

  • Edtech

  • Business analysis

  • Project management

  • Process automation

  • Artificial intelligence

  • IT infrastructure


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