Go-to-market strategy to disrupt the market for a client

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The Client

Our client was a top manufacturing company with a sustainable plan to produce dehydrated fruits that can be rehydrated when dipped in water. They needed an iterative go-to-market strategy to disrupt the market, and boost sales and revenue.

Our Solution

We implemented a business model canvas to document their existing business models, and were able to come up with a more optimized model using the power of design thinking. The new model transformed the product’s value proposition and infrastructure, defined the customer base and market segments, and forecasted finances all of which paid off for a successful market breakthrough. We also aided in the design of website prototypes to boost their digital footprint.

Journey Map

Training the staff on must-knows of organisational success

The Impact

  • Fostered a culture of agile problem-solving.

  • Defined unique and timeless business propositions.

  • Ensured effective market disruption.

  • Boosted sales, customer acquisition and revenue.



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