Risk Management

Take precautionary steps to protect your business, customers and workforce from potential risks.

We understand the complexities and challenges of security threats businesses face. Let us work with you to identify potential risks in advance, and take a consistent approach to finding and applying resolution strategies before it is too late.

- Cyber security

We will arm your business with a portfolio of security tools, honed to fight against online and networking malware; deploying security counter-measures in cases of compromised assets, and barricading your business against future incidents.

We will help you;

  • Create security measures without loopholes.

  • Protect your assets from threats.

  • Run vulnerability assessment to expose threats beforehand.

  • Resolve cases of compromised security and assets.

  • Defend your servers, networks, and systems from malicious attacks.

  • Foster safe conduct of transactions across departments and teams.

- Data protection

We will work with you to safeguard important information of your customers, putting checks in place to ensure you capture and store data in a way that upholds the fundamental rights and freedom of persons in compliance with regulatory standards (NDPR).

Review our Data Protection Compliance Service Catalogue

We will help you;

  • Protect data and infrastructure.

  • Operate with critical data in a risk free environment.

  • Stay on the right side of the law by complying to data regulations.

  • Constantly review regulations to ensure your business is always NDPR compliant.

  • Identify relevant areas of default and make applicable remediation.

  • Prepare, file and submit data protection audit reports with NITDA.

  • Foster safe conduct in terms of data transaction within and outside your organization.

  • Train your workforce on data protection.

- Network security and audit

We will keep your business on the right side of the law at all times, ensuring your business and workforce adhere to regulatory standards even as they change, and conduct everyday operations within ethical boundaries.

We will help you;

  • Create better collaboration suites.

  • Build a digital-first mindset across operations.

  • Make better and faster decisions using data.

  • Maintain a competitive workforce with tools that will meet the needs of your digital workplace.

  • Integrate your systems to meet changing business and market requirements.

  • Stay on top of fast and frequently changing digital technology to solve problems uniquely.


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